Acoustimeter AM-11 RF Meter

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Acoustimeter AM-11 RF Meter 

The AM-11 Acoustimeter is our most powerful and newest radiofrequency (RF) and microwave detector, designed using many years of real-life measurement experience. It detects all modern wireless technology at frequencies from 200 MHz to 8000 MHz (8 GHz), including wi-fi, mobile phones, cordless phones, smart meters, and 5G signals up to 8Ghz frequency.  It measures both peak (V/m) and average power of RF signals using a combination of LEDs and number readings on a bright text screen. Provides excellent sensitivity: down to 0.02 V/m. The AM-11 is an improvement on our very popular AM-10.   

The Average Power measurement is a true time-average, which is much more accurate than most RF meters for measuring modern digital signals. 

It also has an audio output that helps identify what type of RF signal your Acoustimeter is measuring, sound samples and other documentation is available online at 

5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Technical Specifications

• Two line OLED displays: Peak exposure and Peak hold in V/m. Average exposure in µW/m2.
• Two columns of fast LEDS showing: Peak exposure V/m. Average exposure µW/m2.
• Measurement Frequency Range: 200 MHz – 8000 MHz with Accuracy: ±6 dB ±0.02 V/m
   - Also detects 150 MHz - 10 GHz with reduced accuracy.
• Sensitivity and Measurement Range (V/m): 0.02 V/m – 6.00 V/m
• Sensitivity and Measurement Range (Average Power): 1 µW/m2 – 100 000 µW/m2
• Pulsing signal may be heard through the internal speaker
• Batteries (Included): Two AA Alkaline or rechargeable (1.2 – 1.5V)
• Battery life: Typically 15 to 25 hours.  (100-150 mA at 3V). 
• Size 7.6”x 4.1”x 1.3”(inches) is 190x102x 33 (mm). • Weight: 1 lb.


5-Year Warranty.
Frequency Range:
200 MHz - 8000 MHz
Rentals Available:
Minimum RF Field:
0.02 V/m
Maximum RF Field:
6.0 V/m
Minimum RF Power:
1 uW/m2
Maximum RF Power:
100000 uW/m2
Peak Hold V/m:
Audible Sound: