Probes to 6 GHz

These wideband single-axis probes allow low-cost measurement of magnetic and electric field strength, locating sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), microwave emissions, electromagnetic compatibility and EMC / EMI / RFI testing, and troubleshooting RF circuits. 

To measure the probe output power you need to connect it to your own display instrument:  RF power meter, oscilloscope, or spectrum analyzer (with 50-ohm input impedance). No battery or power supply is needed for these passive probes.  

The loop probes (110A,B,C) are sensitive to magnetic fields. The first graph below shows the measured output power in dBm from each loop probe due to a magnetic field of 1 uT rms (without using any amplifier on the probe output). The frequency of the output power from the probe is the same as the frequency of the magnetic field.  

These loop probes (110A,B,C) have integrated electrostatic shields, providing isolation from common-mode signals, so these probes provide excellent repeatability. The various loop sizes allow selection of the optimum probe for the frequency of interest. The smallest loop size (100B) has the best high-frequency response and spacial resolution but lower sensitivity. The larger loop (100C) has greater sensitivity but lower frequency response and spacial resolution. The probe tips are only 0.11"(2.8 mm) thick, allowing the probe to be inserted into seams and gaps. 


The 100D probe is a stub probe, which is sensitive to electric fields. The 100D sensitivity response is plotted below vs frequency. With its 0.08" wide tip, it offers the highest spatial resolution. It is ideally suited to tasks such as tracking sources down to the individual pins of an IC. The 100D does not provide common mode rejection , hence the 100D sensitivity can change due to the user's grip on the probe or cable.


The Probe Set includes four probes: one of each probe model 100A,B,C,D.

Minimum measurable field and resolution depends on your display instrument, and if an amplifier or preamplifier is used.  

These probes can also be driven by a signal source to generate fields for electromagnetic susceptibility testing. 

Probe Length, excluding connector: 6.35" (161 mm).

Tip thickness: 0.11" (2.8 mm) can be inserted into seams and gaps. 

Tip diameter: See product details below. 

Each probe weighs about 1/4 oz (7g). 

Click here to see Equations and Accuracy of the probe response curves. 

These probes have a push-on SMB(m) connector which saves time and allows the cable to rotate. Adapters to SMA(f) or BNC(f) are available below.