AC Gaussmeters for Home Use

Accurate Gauss meters for measuring magnetic fields at 50 - 60 Hz AC frequencies and other low frequencies, emitted by appliances, power lines, home and building wiring. Does not measure magnets or RF fields.

The Swedish National Energy Department issued an advisory warning that schools, playgrounds, and day-care centers should not be sited near power lines, and that children should not be subjected for long periods every day to AC magnetic fields over 3.0 mG. These AC gaussmeter / EMF meters can measure this. 

       For info and FAQ about 50/60-Hz magnetic fields click here: "AC Magnetic Fields in Homes" 

These gaussmeters come with instructions and a booklet about measuring AC magnetic field EMFs. These can also be rented (see rentals). Here are customer testimonials:

“I have to say that it was the best $39 I ever spent !”  (Rental) -Adam, Wakefield, MA

“We found very high EMFs right where one of our sons’ head was sleeping every night so we were able to move his bed ! Very interesting stuff and we had all our friends asking us to come test their house.”   -Diana, Aplington, IA