RF Meters

Measure radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, 4G, low and mid-band 5G, cordless phones, Bluetooth, most TV towers, wireless communications, digital RF transmitters, RF-EMF, and many other RF sources

In 2017 California officially issued guidelines advising of mobile phone dangers, warning of increased risk of brain cancer and other health problems, and that children’s developing brains could be at greater risk.  France and Israel have banned WiFi in kindergartens. The EU recommends wired Internet rather than wireless in schools. 

      For info and FAQ about RF exposure click here:  Mobile Phones, Towers, WiFi and other RF Exposure

These RF meters come with instructions and are noted for excellent sensitivity, ease of use, and accuracy over a wide frequency range from 200 MHz up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies. These are manufactured by EMFields, known for high-quality electromagnetic field measurement instruments.  

Some meters can also be rented (see rentals). Customer Testimonials for our RF meters: 

"Thank you very much. This was exactly what I needed to scan our environment." - Rich, Portland, OR.

"We rented an RF meter and discovered extremely high RF fields in our living room from a cell phone company antenna that had been placed on the exterior wall of our apartment building, right next to our living room, without our knowledge. Our baby was being exposed to high RF fields at power levels like using a cell phone inside the crib all the time: 24/7. The meter was very useful in discovering this RF exposure." - Alicia, New York, NY.

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