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The RadAware is our Personal RF/microwave exposure alarm. Although there are now many meters that measure RF, there are almost no sensitive personal alarms for RF/microwave exposure.

The RadAware is designed to be left switched on, monitoring your personal exposure, and alerting you if it rises above your chosen level. It can be left on your desk, but it is also small enough to be carried in a pocket or bag. It is thousands of times more sensitive and detects more than twice the frequency range of other RF alarms we have seen. We designed the RadAware using our 25 years experience of EMF/RF measurements and research.

All of us are constantly being exposed to increasing levels of pulsing microwave signals from smart phones and their base stations, WiFi, cordless phones, tablet PCs, games consoles, Smart Meters, supermarket checkout systems, etc. The 'Internet of Things' (IoT) includes most modern fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines, etc. in your home. These are hidden microwave radiation sources that you will not easily be aware of and it is not practical to continuously take readings.

The RD1 alarm automatically monitors for microwave RF exposure and alerts you when you are being exposed.

Lightweight and very compact (4½ “ x 2¼ ”x ¾”). Also includes instructions card, and battery.  

For more info including demo video, see:  https://emfields-solutions.com/products/rd1-radaware.asp 

1-year warranty
Frequency Range:
200 MHz - 6000 MHz
Rentals Available:
Minimum RF Field:
< 0.015-0.15 V/m (user adjustable)
Maximum RF Field:
< 0.3 - 3 V/m (user adjustable)
Minimum RF Power:
Not measured
Maximum RF Power:
Not measured
Peak Hold V/m:
Not measured
Audible Sound:
Alarm sounds based on RF level
Shipping weight:
0.5 lb