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Bell 8000 Series Probes

Probe information and price shown below for  FW Bell 8010 and FW Bell 8030 gauss/tesla meter probes. This chart explains probe model names: 


"Axial" probes measure magnetic field parallel to the probe. "Transverse" probes measure the field perpendicularly across the probe flat surface. 

"Standard" probes have a polypropylene stem and are recommended for laboratory or light-handling environments. "Heavy Duty" probes have an aluminum stem and are recommended for heavy-handling or unknown environments. Cryogenic, low field and 3-axis probes are also available. 

The following table lists all the 8000 series probes. All these probes can be used with model 8010 or 8030 gauss/tesla meters, except the ZOA83 "3-axis" probes can only be used with 8030 meter. The 3-channel gauss/tesla meter 8030 can use one triple-axis probe, or three simultaneous single-axis probes.

Description below also shows probe linearity (% error of reading), maximum field in kG, sensitivity (1X, 10X, .01X, etc), and price.