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Model 8010 single-channel magnetometer gauss / tesla meter from F. W. Bell leads the way for advanced Hall Effect magnetic measuring technology. The easy-to-use front panel programming feature incorporates the latest in user control operations. And the 8010 is capable of measuring and displaying seven different parameters, including flux density, frequency, temperature, min, max, peak and valley.  

This high accuracy instrument is fully equipped to meet most magnetic measuring applications. Bell's dynamic probe correcting software increases the 8010 measurement capabilities to make the 8000 series gauss / tesla meters the most versatile magnetic measuring tools in the world.  

Key features include high-resolution, high-accuracy and high-speed with a large TFT color LCD display with backlighting. The 8010 features 50 kHz frequency response, temperature and frequency measurements, auto zero, auto range, hold functions for peak, valley, min and max, corrected and uncorrected outputs. The Model 8010 provides the user with gauss, tesla, Oe, A/m, IEEE-488, RS-232, Ethernet RJ-45 and USB communications ports and classifier output.  

The 8010 operates with Bell's sixth generation Hall effect probes. These probes provide temperature compensation and measurement readings (0°C to +70°C) while monitoring the magnetic field. The easy-to-read TFT Color LCD with Backlighting is easily viewable in most light conditions and can be customized to meet a user's specific needs. Applications range from basic magnetic measuring to sensitive complicated vector field requirements. The F.W. Bell Model 8010 is fully CE-compliant. It operates using AC power of 100/120 Volts or 220/240 Volts at 50-60 Hz, and includes a zero-gauss chamber and Instruction Manual. 

Click here for 8010 data sheet & specifications.

Probes are sold separately, click here for 8000 series probes

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