F.W. Bell 4180 Triple-Axis AC Gaussmeter

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Easy-to-Use, accurate, triple axis gaussmeter to measure AC magnetic fields from power lines, home and building wiring, and appliances.

Used, excellent condition. Recalibrated by manufacturer in 2022

  • Lightweight and completely self-contained, the 4100 series ELF meters are ideal for commercial or home use
  • Compact easy-to-use triple-axis digital Gauss / Tesla meter: fast, easy, accurate
  • Measures magnetic fields from power lines, homes and buildings, appliances, fans, office equipment
  • Includes gaussmeter, batteries, 1-year warranty, booklet, instructions for use. 
  • Displays from 0.1 mG to 599 mG. User can select milliGauss (mG) or microTesla (uT) units of display

For technical details see the following: 

4100 Series Data Sheet and Specifications

4100 Series Manual 

Triple-Axis probe
20 Hz - 2000 Hz
Maximum Field:
599 mG
0.1 mG
Units Displayed:
mG or uT
Communications Port:
Rentals Available:


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    Best $3/day spent!

    Posted by Susan on 2nd Aug 2017

    Excellent one page start up instructions. Used this to test one of our builder's homes to see if their wiring practices were high in EMF before we built. The wiring was spot on-outlets and switches very low increasing at the switch as lights/fans added and 1 ft away-very low again way under 1.0. But the kitchen appliances were shockingly high. Microwave when not in use was 96 and when in use-278 at unit, 41 1' away and 10 at 2' away. The NutriBullet was 599 (I think the top of the meter). So it taught me to use my appliances differently going forward. The Gauss meter was the best money spent!! I consider it an investment in my future health!! Thanks for your excellent rental program!!!