MC90R Sensor

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The MC90R sensor provides a strong response from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) through Very Low Frequency (VLF) bands, with a sharp high resonant peak near 1.8 kHz when using the built-in coax to connect to the display instrument. The resonant frequency can change if any length of coax is added, due to coax capacitance. 
The peak voltage output is also affected by the input impedance of the display instrument you are using. For sensors like this model MC90R that have a "high resonant peak" we recommend using a display instrument with input impedance of 10 MegaOhms shunted by less than 30pF, to obtain the calibrated output response. 

Compared with the other sensors, Models MC90R and MC90-110 can be more easily damaged by suddenly turning on or off a strong field, or by a fast rise or fall time, or other sharp discontinuities in a strong field like sudden frequency or phase changes. These may produce a transient voltage spike in the large coil and output of these B-dot sensors, which could damage the sensor. If unsure, better to gradually ramp-up and down the field strength. 

Frequency Range:
10 Hz - 20 kHz
C4 Cylinder, thick
4.0" x 1.125” (102 x 29mm)
BNC(m) on end of coax
Weight (approx):
6.2 oz (176g)