Sizes, Shapes, and Connectors

    Sensor Photos are shown at:  MC Sensors page  

    Size & Shape

Size, inches

Size, mm


 B1 is small square Box

 1” x 1” x 0.8”


 BNC(f) on box

 B1wm same as B1, with wire outputs, and mounting tabs

 1” x 1” x 0.8”


 2-wire leads

 B2 is medium rectangular Box

 2.1” x1.6” x1.2”


 BNC(f) on box

 C3 is medium Cylinder

 2.75” x 0.875”

 70 x 22mm

 BNC(m) on coax

 C4 is large thick Cylinder

 4.0” x 1.125”

 102 x 29mm

 BNC(m) on coax

 C5 is long thin Cylinder

 5.25” x 0.750”

 133 x 19mm

 BNC(m) on coax

The following models have wire output, not BNC or coax:    MC06, MC14, MC19, MC95RW.

The shape (Rectangular box or Cylindrical) had no effect on electrical output, but the length of coax cable does, especially for resonant sensors, or above 30 kHz.