IDR-324 Triple-Axis Gaussmeter

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Unique product
Frequency indicator
Switchable between single & 3-axis channels
Portable and easy to use
Vector Summation M for 3 channels X, Y, Z
True RMS measurement with peak hold
One Volt full scale Analog Output
Two years parts & labor warranty
16 characters ´ 2 lines display
110-220 VAC to (12v, 5v, -12v) DC adaptor provided

3 % error guarantee or even better depending on the magnetic field strength

Frequency Response (BW): DC -1 kHz (Tested)

DC, AC:(20 Hz - 1 kHz) and AC + DC:(0 – 1 kHz) modes

Auto or manual ranging
Datalogs up to 32,000 data points
Record data w/ RS-232 communication port and USB
Made in the U.S.A
Resolution @ Scales: 300 G: 100 mG,

3 kG: 1 G, 30 kG: 10 G

Typical application:

Classify magnets, audio speaker magnet assemblies, ferrous materials

Electric motor, coils and solenoids, AC EMF interferences

MRI, industrial, scientific & medical equipments, low residual magnetic fields

2-year warranty