MC110R Sensor

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The MC110R sensor provides small size and a strong response across the Low Frequency (LF) band, with a sharp high resonant peak near 120 kHz when using a 3-foot long RG-58 coax to connect it to your display instrument input. The resonant frequency can shift a lot depending on the length of coax you use, due to coax capacitance. 

The peak voltage output is also affected by the input impedance of the display instrument you are using. For sensors like this model MC110R that have a "high resonant peak", and any sensor used above 30 kHz, we recommend using a display instrument with input impedance of 10 MegaOhms shunted by less than 30pF, to obtain the calibrated output response. 

Frequency Range:
2 kHz - 1 MHz
B1 Box, small square
1” x 1” x 0.8” (25x25x20mm)
BNC(f) on box
Weight (approx):
1 oz (30g)