MC876 Sensor

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The MC876 Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) sensor has maximum response near 76 Hz, resulting in a strong output at 50 Hz to 120 Hz for measuring fields in this range, for example from building wiring, power lines, and equipment powered at these frequencies. Display instrument resolution of 0.1 mV AC or better is recommended for most applications.  

Each sensor is tested using NIST traceable methods and instruments.  Calibrated to ANSI Standard 644-1987.  Certificate included. 

Frequency Range:
10 Hz -600 Hz
Option 1: Shape:
B2 Box, rectangular
Option 1: Size:
2.1" x1.6" x1.2” (52x40x29mm)
Option 1: Connector:
BNC(f) on box
Option 1: Weight (approx):
3.4 oz (96g)
Option 2: Shape:
C3 Cylinder, small
Option 2: Size:
2.75" x 0.875” (70 x 22mm)
Option 2: Connector:
BNC(m) on end of coax
Option 2: Weight (approx):
3.0 oz (85g)


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    Works great

    Posted by on 7th Apr 2019

    This sensor gives me the magnetic resonance strength in the frequency range I was looking for. Testing magnetic resonance strength through different materials.