MC910 Sensor

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NOTE:  This item was previously used in-house, may have scratches on exterior.

The MC910 Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) sensor provides a very strong response at 60 Hz and at frequencies below 60 Hz. It is used for investigating weak ELF magnetic fields, or measuring fields from building wiring, power lines, and any equipment powered at 50 or 60 Hz. Display instrument resolution of 0.1 mV AC or better is recommended for most applications.  

Each sensor is tested using NIST traceable methods and instruments.  Calibrated to ANSI Standard 644-1987. Certificate included. 

Frequency Range:
5 Hz - 600 Hz
C4 Cylinder, thick
4.0" x 1.125” (102 x 29mm)
BNC(m) on end of coax
Weight (approx):
6.2 oz (176g)